Homeopathy makes a unique contribution to our health and well being. Significant improvements  in daily functioning and vitality are consistently reported.

Alexis what a lovely beautiful lady who we have known for approx 5yrs.She has helped me and my children with all kinds of issues and take the time to listen to us. Our health has improved and I highly recommend Alexis appreciate her time thank you.

Alexis has treated me successfully and continues to assist me. Alexis is very professional and highly recommended.

Alexis’s passion, intelligence and commitment, together with her empathetic engagement with her patients, mean that she is perfectly suited to be a homeopathic healer.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the support and advice I have been given from Alexis over the past few months in what has been the most relentlessly busiest time of my life. Lack of sleep, worry and sheer exhaustion and some major life changes. Alexis is so intuitive and a wonderful listener, in fact she knows you better than you know yourself and the solutions suggested have worked wonders. Traditional medicines and homeopathic remedies all have a part to play in working together to improve quality of life and I am so grateful to her for bringing me back to my old self, firing on all cylinders again. Diolch llawer Alexis, you provide such a valuable service and I am so grateful to you

Alexis is a beautiful soul who puts you at ease as soon as she meets you. sessions are thorough yet relaxed and professional.

I went to see her mainly out of desperation to be honest, having lived with chronic pain for 30 odd years, I was desperate. After taking Alex’s remedy for about 2 weeks I felt a shift in my pain levels and within a month I felt great. I’m not totally pain free as I have a degenerative condition, but I would say it’s at least 70% better. I would definitely recommend to anyone to go and see her, definitely value for money as well.

What a lovely lady and so knowledgeable really feel like she knows her stuff. Would recommend her to anyone, she’s helped me massively thank you Alexis.

Alexis has treated myself and my family! A very professional and conscientious lady that has made a great improvement to our health! Thank you Alexis!!

‘I was prescribed Homeopathy by Alexis for a tear of my calf muscle. I’d been performing some high intensity training exercises without warming up and I felt a sudden pain in my calf which forced me to stop. Following my injury even walking caused pain. Within a day or two of taking Homeopathy I began to feel its benefits. The tenderness of my leg eased and strength gradually returned, performing more each day from a more rapid walking pace to running up and down the stairs. One week on and I’m almost 100 per cent better. I’d like to thank Alexis for her sound advice and continued concern and care throughout my recovery’. Patient with muscle tear sports injury

‘The arthritic pain is 80% improved and I find I can go out for walks now. I am also much calmer after having Homeopathy and the fear I felt when driving has gone’. Patient with arthritis and anxiety


‘My IBS symptoms have improved significantly enabling me to get on with a normal routine again.’ Patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome


‘I no longer have to rely on high strength pain medication. I can walk unaided after three months of Homeopathic treatment with Alex.’ Patient with severe chronic nerve pain following a car accident


‘I injured the tendons in my hand whilst working. This was starting to worry me when the pain didn’t subside over the weeks and months. Alexis suggested Homeopathy and for the first time in months I am now seeing an improvement as the pain is decreasing and the injury is beginning to heal.’ Patient with a tendon injury


‘The debilitating pain in my elbow was 90 per cent better after two weeks of treatment. Now I can do jobs again and am back playing golf.’ Patient with chronic tennis elbow


‘There was a rapid improvement. My leg and knee had healed within days of Alex treating me Homeopathically following a fall. It was a relief not to be in pain and I could get back walking and driving.’ Patient with muscle and tendon injuries


‘My son became more settled following Homeopathic treatment with Alex. He is better able to communicate with me. He seems happier in himself and less affected by noise.’ Mother with a ten year old son with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder


‘Alex treated me with Homeopathy for my insomnia due to work stress. I have been able to get back into a sleeping routine and unwind my mind.’ Patient with insomnia


‘I had Homeopathy with Alexis during a difficult time, it worked a treat!’ Patient with anxiety and insomnia


‘My mood was worryingly low and I felt like I was in a black hole. Alexis treated me with Homeopathy and now I can see the positive side of life again, I have a totally different outlook, thank you Alexis.’ Patient with depression


‘I felt loads better within a week of taking the remedy, with more confidence to go out and face situations which would have caused me anxiety before. Alexis gives me the time and space I need to work through my difficulties. I feel heard and so much better after the consultation.’ Patient with anxiety and depression


‘I have experienced chronic night sweats most of my life. I have never been able to successfully relieve the symptoms through mainstream medication. I had resigned myself to my sweats being a part of my life. After a chance meeting with Alex she suggested a consultation which resulted in a short course of treatment and I am happy to report, I no longer experience night sweats.’ Patient with chronic night sweats


‘The warts around my fingernail have cleared up with Homeopathy I’m delighted.’ Patient with recurrent warts

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