Holistic Speech Therapy


Homeopathic & Communication Support for Children    

*Speech *Language *Behaviour *Health *Development 

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I am a registered Homeopath with 29 years experience in Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy. With natural homeopathic remedies, children are able to make progress in terms of more robust immunity and general health and development, including sleep and behaviour. This impacts positively on their communication skills, unlocking communication potential. Welsh /English support is provided

Nurturing Communication Skills in the Natural Environment

Please contact me to express an interest if you are an Early Years or Education Provider or Forest School Leader

With 29 years  experience in NHS paediatric Speech and Language Therapy,  I have seen how the indoor learning environment and increase in screen time has been a major factor in a decline in learning and communication skills in children over the years.

I am passionate about the outdoors and have always included in my programmes of activity for parents and schools, a reference to the importance of hands-on  practical learning opportunities and outdoor activities to nurture child development and communication skills.

I live in  Carmarthenshire and  have been fortunate enough to be able to bring my children up in this beautiful natural environment, where I was also raised, with the beach and surrounding woodlands as our playground.

After all of these years in an NHS clinic I am keen to become more involved in the nurturing of communication skills in children,  in the context of the therapeutic outdoors.

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