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                       Unlocking Communication Potential in Children

 Homeopathic & Communication support for Children’s  Speech, Language and Behaviour  

                                Welsh /English support provided  

As a registered Homeopath with 24 years expertise in Paediatric communication, I  provide you and your child with the support you have been searching for.

— With natural and effective Homeopathic remedies  — Coupled with parent support for communication  development:

You will be empowered with a unique combination of effective tools to unlock your child’s communication potential and nurture their strengths with an individual approach to treatment.

Watch as your child develops though  Homeopathic & Communication Support, bringing out the best in your child.

With natural Homeopathic remedies your child is able to make progress in terms of more robust immunity and general health and development, which impacts directly on their communication skills.

Any side effects or adverse reactions from interventions are addressed

Ear infections are cleared

Allergic sensitivities are addressed

Sleep is improved

Energy levels are improved

Behaviour is improved

Sensitivities to environmental noise are reduced


All of this results in a more balanced, happier, healthier child, more able to connect and interact with loved ones and make social relationships with peers.


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